Trump Takes Over The Fed
June 1, 2020

hello this is Michael Tillinger this is a follow-up video to the Donald Trump takes over the Fed video let’s had quite a response and quite blown away thank you for the positive messages and also for those that are very unconscious and not aware of what’s going on for all the people that have responded negatively to this and are confused about how I can make these outlandish statements like where’s your proof where is the evidence I haven’t read about this anyway well just please think about what you’re saying of course you’re not gonna read about this anyway of course you’re not gonna see this on the 8 o’clock news this is not gonna happen this is the most fiercely guarded secret right now in the Rothschild banking empire it’s the most fiercely guarded secret that Donald Trump has managed to wrestle the control away from the Rothschild Empire the first time anyone has been able to do this in the last 250 years without any fanfare um or major confrontation or conflict Donald Trump very carefully and cunningly and and strategically simply took the Fed under the wing of the United States government into the Treasury Department and didn’t make any big scene about it didn’t say the Fed is disgusting and exposed the Rothschild banking Empire because nobody would have understood it in fact people would have called Donald Trump a conspiracy theorist if he started going down that route which they do to people like me and many others because I don’t have enough information so once you know what’s going on and you start reading between the lines it’s very easy to realize what has happened here where’s the evidence where’s the evidence everybody so many people are asking the evidence is everywhere all you gotta do is go online and Google the mainstream media and read the articles that they’ve given us on a platter but you’ve got to have the capacity to join the to connect the dots if you can’t connect the dots from what you read in the different mainstream media articles where they fudge the information to hide this they hide that but every now and then they give us one line or two sentences here and there where they give the game away they spill the beans if you can recognize those gifts those little treasures that are hidden in there you can connect the dots you see very clearly what’s going on the other important thing that I want there I’m going to talk about here is the origins of money and really show people and explain to people what money is where it comes from how it was created by whom when and how the origins of money is very very different from what anybody could have ever imagined a lot of the main stories actually come from the mainstream media and this is the really important thing this is the thing that I would like everybody to pay attention to if you’re interested in getting to the bottom of this and try and unravel this and figure it out for yourself connect the dots for yourself because ultimately if you can connect the dots for yourself you’ll get a lot more satisfaction that you are able to see it yourself that you’re not just taking some Schmucks word for it on the internet and on YouTube because it looks literally becomes so obvious once you see the connections and how the mainstream media are giving us the clues they’re giving us the pieces of the puzzle it becomes very simple and obvious to connect those dots and to complete the bigger picture with the scattered pieces of the puzzle that lie around right so let’s just remind ourselves yeah we have to do what the guys in CSI do we have to follow the clues and the evidence and based on the clues and the evidence we get and this the clues and the evidence is really well hidden so based on the clues and the evidence we get we can start putting it together so go out there and Google this and search far and wide and you’ll start seeing the mainstream media notices and headlines about the fed merging with the Treasury Department of the USA that is the overwhelming message that was sent through the mainstream media there was also quite a lot of information written and several articles leading up to Larry Fink becoming part of the feds advisory or the main advisor or for the Fed once it was brought in to the Treasury Department the mainstream media is not gonna spell it out for you the mainstream media is not gonna tell you that Donald Trump took over the Federal Reserve Bank this is the last thing they will ever do in fact they will probably throw out all kinds of obstacles and hurdles for people to try and figure this out for themselves they will fudge the information they will do all kinds of things and they’ll continue confusing the people so people can’t figure it out the other really important thing that I need to just stress especially for people that are new to this if you don’t know the origins of money the origins of banking the origins of the modern banking system the O’s the Rothschild banking Empire because that’s what we have today we are trapped in the Rothschild banking Empire that run and control the world virtually the entire world with a few exceptions there’s a battle going on for the control of the world the Rothschilds have been running the world and have won that battle a long time ago some 250 years ago in the late 17 hundreds around 1760 when they impose their banking empire on the world and since then it’s been impossible to escape that by now you know from the previous video that they put in their puppet leaders every country that they take control of they first depose the president or assassinate them or it’s always a plane crash or a massive heart attack or something it happens then they put their own puppet master or a puppet leader that does exactly what he is told obviously it’s for reward they bribe these people or often they threaten these people and they extort these people and they tell them if you don’t do this then you know we’re gonna kill your family or whatever it is and this is why I say that this is the largest organized crime syndicate in the world and they have more blood on their hands and any other organized crime syndicate because they provide the funding through which all organized crime syndicates run and manage themselves it’s the money that funds all organized crime on earth and the Rothschilds provide the tools and the mechanism for all organized crime to to exist and to operate it is a spectacular deception right in front of our eyes so once again money and banking and finance is not a noble industry the bunch of gangsters was more blood on their hands than anybody else the mainstream media is not gonna report on it because they’re owned by the same Rothschild banking empire or some subsidiary of it or some some you know somebody some way that is ultimately controlled by the Rothschild has taken control of most of the global media and they will not tell you that they just lost the gold just Central Bank on earth to Donald Trump they’re not gonna certainly not gonna broadcast that so we have to read between the lines and figure this out and like I mentioned just go and do your own research and you’ll see all the information is out there and it’s a beautiful story once you figure out for yourself you’ll feel a great sense of pleasure and achievement that you could beat the puzzle pieces together and connect the dots together for yourself so let’s talk about what is money what is money where does money come from why do we use it when did money first appear on earth all the arguments that I’ve got from putting out the video on Donald Trump takes control of the Fed most of the arguments against this notion or this event that took place came and keeps coming from mainstream educated people people that have got some sort of an education in and B commerce or Commerce or finance or they’ve come through some business school at some university and they were taught their textbooks taught them the steps that they obviously want them to learn or be very good students and regurgitate the information very very well and that’s how you pass by regurgitating the stuff in the textbooks because you’re not gonna pass if you come with a whole different theory and you start talking about no the money comes and this doesn’t work like that of course and you’re not gonna Foster everybody in the banking finance commerce industry today anything to do with the financial markets everyone has come through the same financial and banking and money school and this is why they are all equally poisoned this is why their minds are all equally poisoned they can’t think outside the box so it’s really important if you’re one of those people and this is a big shock to your system but you’re able to step outside of that box and take some very important information on board that will help you you know clear some of that clutter that you’ve gathered throughout your life as you progress through your career and get to a certain level now you you involved in this money-making and banking and financial industry and you just in the machine you don’t really think about what drives it and who’s behind it just think about the fact that central banks are operating outside of the legal system outside of the jurisdiction of every government around the world with the exception possibly of of Russia and China and one or two other countries like North Korea possibly Cuba and it might be one or two others but the rest have all been brought in through invading the countries toppling the government’s toppling the leaders and then installing the central bank and bringing that country into the Rothschild banking Empire and this is why we’ve had all these Wars and invasions and it just never stopped just imagine how our governments are constantly borrowing money from these central banks that we call the Reserve Bank or Federal Reserve Bank or central banks and all our countries so we’re constantly borrowing money from a third party we borrowing money from a company that does not belong to the people doesn’t belong to the government is not in control or not controlled by the government under the control of the people that is an insane idea why would we ever want to do anything like that why would we allow an external force an external entity of over which we have no control why would we ever allow such an entity control our country’s control our governments control our financial systems and control our lives from the first breath we take to the last breath we breathe out we are controlled by money clearly that is an unimaginable thing so we would never agree to do that so this activity by the central banks and the way they work has been forced upon us without us realizing it most people have no idea that central banks are not part of the government and central banks operate outside of the fire of the legal and jurisdiction systems of each country so just think about this the central banks they don’t have armies that saw once she take control of the central bank and you have control of your army that Rothschild empire can do nothing about it unless they send the army of another country under the pretense that you’re doing something terrible and they invade your country and topple you so now we know that this is what’s happened in the USA Donald Trump took control of the Fed he’s in control of the military so no one else is gonna invade the USA to take back the Fed and take control of the Fed and replace Donald Trump with another president they try to do it from within but as you can see it is turning into an incredibly critical battle for the survival of humanity and the survival of the world right now because if Donald Trump and the the currents have resistance against the Rothschild Empire in the USA if that fails we go back to square one and I think it’s game over so a lot hangs on the success of the Fed remaining in the hands of Trump and what they do with that to improve the lives of the people in the USA and let that become a knock-on effect for every other country and this is why I said in the other video is that Donald Trump is really shown every leader of the world every leader of every world who feels pressurised by the central bank by the Rothschilds and by the World Health Organization the World Trade Organization the United Nations all these agencies have been set up by the Rothschilds they’re all controlled by the same mafia around the world if they’re presidents and leaders of our countries that feel pressurized by these these agencies now is the time to get out of it now is the time to get out just take the Fed or your Reserve Bank under the control of your government and the Treasury Department or whatever department in your government manages the money and very little is going to happen from the Rothschild side to resist that because they just can’t do that they have no money they have no say they have loads of money they have no military only thing they can do is throw money at it so let’s backtrack a little bit just imagine so here we got a central bank operating outside of the legislation of a country and they’re giving the country all the money where does the central bank get it get all its money from where do they get all the wealth from to be able to give a whole country money how is that possible when you start thinking about this in contemplating the situation you realize very quickly that it is completely impossible it’s untenable impossible unimaginable this should never happen and cannot happen because how can a company which is really just a piece of paper it’s an idea a corporation is an idea that’s written on a piece of paper so how can a piece of paper and an idea that add whose idea is that we and in this corporation control the making the distribution and the control of money around the world how this corporation can control an entire country of 300 plus million people all the things those people do they create they invent they manufacture they grow all the things that people do everyday is controlled by this company called the central bank you realize that there’s a problem they have nothing they have the idea and the right to create money and to start distributing money and to control the distribution of money that’s all they have and they protect that right through the military of the country whether people believe that actually protecting their own rights it is just insane it’s incredible how they spun this this this incredible lie over us and just work us into the story and we are the guys that protect their rights we protect their rights to continue enslaving us taxing us putting inflation on everything we do destroying our lives and funding the criminal organizations that destroy our countries so the fact that the Rothschild banking empire the central banks have nothing other than an idea and the right that they’ve claimed for themselves through power and controlling the armies they have nothing means at the moment we take control of the central bank or the idea of the central bank and bring it into the treasury of of our countries it’s very little they can do now the question is what’s the difference between a central bank owned by the Rothschilds and what I’ve called a People’s Bank and there is a huge difference between a Rothschild owned central bank and a People’s Bank that is controlled by the people owned by both beat by the people and managed by a government who’s a representative and a servant of the people the the differences are so vast that that the banks don’t even resemble each other in any way whatsoever because think about the country as your family if the country is our family and we look after each other in our family and we do everything for each other money really is just the tool some form of weird tool of exchange that we we use to get things done because we can’t always exchange eggs for cheese or a car for a tractor or whatever so we use money to do that exchange now if the bank is a true People’s Bank and by the way they’ve been several ideas and examples of this in the last hundred and twenty years around the world and they were so successful that they became an absolute to the Rothschild Empire the banking empire so those countries were very swiftly removed or overthrown the presidents and the leaders were overthrown and the Rothschild Central Bank was imposed and replaced the People’s Bank that made those countries prosperous and successful beyond anybody’s imagination so the Rothschilds could not allow that to continue because that was an absolute threat to their global control so once we have a People’s Bank the money that we create belongs to us so if I borrow money from myself I don’t I don’t have to pay myself back right so if if we start doing things for each other and this is really where it starts to come towards the contribution ISM philosophy where we contribute our collective or our individual talents and our individual skills and talents towards the collective benefit of everyone it’s not a one-to-one exchange it’s a one-to-many exchange I contribute my skills and talents into the pool of my community so that everyone in my community can benefit from it I’ll talk more about it a bit later so right now if we have the ability to create our own money for everything we do and everything we need that means that if we need to build a railway line from here to there we make the money available so that we can pay the people to build a railway line and anything that we do should work on that very simple principle there’s no inflation there’s no tax there’s no that there are no fees or levies of any kind because all these taxes and inflation and levies and fees only exist because we are borrowing money or the money is enforced and imposed on us by a central bank that is an independent institution operating outside of the legislation and the jurisdiction and they charge our government and interest and they pretty much control the financial activities of our countries the moment we eradicate that central bank we take control of how much money we create when we want to create it how we want to create it and for what we needed to use it and that’s what we do now at one stage there’s probably going to be a time when we realize that we don’t really even need that money and I know this is this might come as a shock to some people but if you just sit back and realize that money does nothing right you can put a million dollars on the table and say right there’s a million dollars now we need to build a bridge over this river well unless people get up off their asses and start building that bridge or find the engineers and the civil engineers that know how to build a bridge that money is gonna remain on that table and it’s not going to achieve anything it is people that do things so people do things and achieve things money does nothing people do everything just keep that in mind we plant the seeds we grow the food we build the bridges and we invent everything we do and money constantly gets in the way of us and our dreams and our skills and abilities to achieve what it is that we want to do for ourselves for our communities for our families for Humanity as a whole so the moment people start to realize that okay well we want to build a bridge across this river and we need a million dollars and say well we don’t have a million dollars we can’t build a bridge well what if we have all the skills and the materials already available to us can we build that bridge the answer is yes we can so if we need the bridge are we gonna build it or are we gonna just sit and wait until some money arrives so we can distribute the money for whatever reason we may think we need it the answer to that is very interesting because we’ll probably build the bridge and then figure out how we’re gonna get the money but at least we’ll have the bridge but the moment you start working through this process and this is what happened to me in 2005 of 2004 when I realized that money was introduced as a complete and finite already evolved tool of enslavement to humanity exact way that we use money today was introduced some 6,000 years ago to humanity and we still using it in exactly the same format it was introduced to humanity many thousands of years ago so once people realize that money does nothing people do everything I believe that we’re gonna start moving away from the use of money very quickly and this is where the one small town strategy comes in one small town can change the world where ultimately will start moving will start generating so much money in our communities and finding that we don’t really really need to use that money because everything is available to us all the time and suddenly we realize oK we’ve got all the food the technology everything the healthcare the arts and culture and yet we’re not using the money that we’re generating because we make everything available to us to ourselves for free because we’re the ones creating it right if you create something for yourself a gross stuff in your garden and your family you’re not gonna charge yourself for the food you grow in your garden right this is what I was leading up to earlier when I said trick imagine the world as your family so if we grow food for our family no matter where it is we’re not gonna charge a sauce for the food because we growing it for ourselves and then you start to realize how insane money is as an idea I’m gonna come I’m gonna finish with the origins of money and where money comes from and how insane it is so the key thing here is that anyone that comes from a mainstream education system finds it very difficult to comprehend that money was created and introduced as a tool of enslavement and a slavery system this is what we need to overcome and I’m beginning to find a lot of very conscious millionaires and billionaires are calling out of the woodwork now realizing that the way we’ve been living and we’ve been building and our society the structure of our society through capitalism and greed and gluttony and hoarding and all the stuff it just doesn’t work it’s not a solution there is whichever way you look at it there is not a pretty outcome or a pretty end to that story it always ends in bloodshed violence conflict it is a mess so a lot of these conscious billionaires through this disgusting attack on our on our human freedom our liberties and our sorrow t-this below the lockdown that we’ve been shoved into and realizing that most of us most of our leaders and presidents people that he put put our trust and faith in most of them are actually just dictators that are controlled by some higher order and that higher order would be the global banking industry the Rothschild financial empire that control our governments through the banks and the money so many of these billionaires are realizing that we have to find something new because we can’t go back to what we had it’s fundamentally broken it’s it’s broken it cannot be fixed so we have to do something else and we we can’t fight the system because the entire system was created to destroy and annihilate anything that rises up to fight it so that’s what the money system does that’s why some people call it the Babylonian black magic money system it’s imbued with some really dark black magic energies for those that believe in that kind of stuff it is quite scary just imagine how many millions and billions of people wake up every morning and have great intentions they want to do good things they want to do good things for the world beautiful pure intentions were they skills and talents that that will that will benefit the world that will help take community help their family help the world as at large and yet these billions of people with these amazing intentions for life hardly ever succeed with these brilliant intentions something fundamentally wrong with that because in the field of statistical probability in a world of eight billion people where most of the people want to do good stuff in the world very few good things happen and very few of those good intentions come to fruition since clearly something wrong the odds are stacked incredibly against the goodness of human nature and people with great intentions around the world the odds are stacked against all of us that want to do those things so that we somehow cannot succeed and that thing that tool that prevents us from succeeding is money and is always the thing called money no matter you can come this close for doing something incredible and then suddenly they last a little bit you need the five the final $10,000 or final few payments to finish something great you’ve been working on for 20 years and suddenly it all crumbles and falls apart and you lose everything that you’ve been working for all of your life we can now see it through this lockdown and how millions of people’s lives have been destroyed millions and millions of businesses around the world that people work for all their lives are falling flat are being destroyed through the lockdown it is a malicious intent not only to destroy our spirit to destroy our human nature our integrity the the human instinct to help each other to support each other in South Africa we can’t even help our neighbors if they starving you need a permit to help your neighbors with food or that need money people that are hungry and starving you can’t even go out there and help them you get arrested and thrown in jail for wanting to help your fellow man that’s how bad it’s become so I’ve been ranting and raving for long enough now about all the stuff but I think it’s really important for everyone to realize how inextricably and and and evilly connected all this dark stuff is and yet there is a very bright shining light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel and I’ll talk about it right at the end but so let’s quickly talk about the origins of money how we got here why is it so bad how come we got all these very powerful individuals running around not running around all these powerful individuals in control of the world and people running around like lost bloody rabbits and chickens just wondering what the hell is going on why is it so messed up how can we can take control of our lives our situations our countries why are our leaders and our governments always doing the opposite of what we want them to do clearly something is wrong with that picture so let’s talk about money what is money where does it come from how was it crazy when does money first appear on earth and how is it evolved into what it is today that completely controls our lives every step of the way controls our countries controls our destiny in many ways and what are we gonna do about it to take back that control without any more bloodshed or violence or opposition this is really the most important thing here there must be a way for us to get out of this mess without violence opposition or conflict clearly that method or that approach has not worked for thousands and thousands of years people have stood up and and rose against their their leaders or the dictator queens and presidents and they try and overthrow them and there’s just blood everywhere wars have been started by the bankers to put people against each other they fund both sides of the war always fun to both sides of the war so they in absolute control of the situation you can’t imagine for one second that a global machine the global money machine the Rothschild banking empire that controls everything on this planet of us you don’t think for one second that they’d be stupid enough to allow somebody to wage a war against one of the other territories of course not they’re always in absolute control funding all the sides of all conflicts so that they retain control no matter what happens or who wins the war so where is this money thing come from the first reference and evidence of money that we find has got nothing to do with thousands of years of bartering and trading and exchanging stuff and the fairy tales we’ve been told at school and then at university it is a very very different tale the first evidence we have of money we find in the Sumerian clay tablets Sumerian this very powerful Empire down up there in Mesopotamia where modern-day Iraq was most of it was Iraq and that has a lot to do with why Iraq was actually invaded with a lot of very important ancient knowledge and information and possibly also ancient advanced technology that was taken confiscated by the invading forces Britain u.s. USA and all the allies and it’s it looks more and more like it that they actually took control of some very powerful ancient weapons and technology so the weapons of mass destruction were there but there were not what we were told by the presidents of the USA in the UK at the time the weapons of mass destruction are most likely ancient advanced technology and weapons left behind by these very advanced beings that just vanished seem to have vanished into thin air so in the Sumerian clay tablets and for those that are new to this this is at this stage the oldest written record of human history and it pretty much brings together all the religions it brings together all the creations it brings together all the things that we as humanity have been divided upon all the lines of religion divided along those lines of religion and and the conflicts that have been and the wars have been waged we find the synergy and where they all come together the confluence of all these these original ideas we find in the Sumerian texts the Sumerian texts go back some of the oldest black tablets possibly six thousand years old already and possibly even older difficult to date these clay tablets often but they are not just thousands or hundreds of thousands there are millions of these clay tablets in fact it’s so it’s so they are so prevalent that when you drive through the Middle East and the Near East and and even in Iran that was also part of that and this is why there’s so much ancient knowledge in countries like Iran and Iraq and and Syria and Jordan and Lebanon in all those countries in the Middle East in the Near East some of the houses and the huts and the clay buildings built out of clay actually have clay tablets built into the walls of these buildings when people dig up the mud dig up the soil and they make mud they are clay tablets right there and they mix them in with a mud and makes a mess they use it and brought it into the walls that’s how many of these clay tablets there are there are literally millions well thousands and thousands of thousands have been collected by now possibly millions and these are scattered throughout the various museums of the world mostly the British Museum the French Museum although obviously the colonizing empires that took control of all those countries and many of these clay tablets have been translated and these tablets carry a significant amount of knowledge pretty much everything to do with the origins of Medicine the origins of architecture astronomy of of mathematics of physics of of community origins are pretty much of cooking of making wine of playing music the first musical scale musical notes most of pretty much everything we find as the origins of humanity we find in the Sumerian texts in these clay tablets we also find the first the code the first lawful code the Code of Hammurabi the first laws that were written down for Humanity we find in the Sumerian text and we see those laws unfold and become what we find the legal system today so think about this as the foundation of the knowledge we have in the world today but there’s a lot more in these Sumerian clay texts right they talk about some very strange and mysterious times on earth when these other beings were present on earth and all this information is obviously locked down shut down turned into mythology so we don’t believe that it’s true and this is why we said dumbed down and we don’t know what the hell is going on and how these people that run the world can constantly pull the wool over our eyes because we simply don’t imagine or believe that anything like this could have possibly happened in ancient times well when you start studying this stuff you realize that they not only talk about the ancient times and where they get their information from and they share the information with us but they also tell us that they got their knowledge and information from a time before time they tell us that they inherited this knowledge from a much older civilized that was there for hundreds of thousands of years and they just inherited that knowledge and then wrote it down and these millions of clay tablets sharing all that knowledge and information with us well some of those sumerian clay tablets are referred to as the kings lists these Kings lists that lists the names of Kings that ruled the world for thousands and thousands of years as far back as 245 thousand years and how long they ruled many of these Kings ruled for thousands of years so clearly we have to assume that they weren’t human if they ruled for thousands of years and that opens a whole nother door to another rabbit hole that we need you know we have to go down at some stage to figure out what the hell was going on so these Kings lists tell us about the flood when the flood appeared what the flood did how destroyed everything what happened after the flood pretty much every story in the Bible every biblical story that we find from the creation of Adam to Noah and the flood to the Ten Commandments to Abraham pretty much all the stories of wheat Sodom and Gomorrha we find the similar versions or the original versions much older versions of what we read in the Bible we find those in the Sumerian texts and that really makes things a lot more interesting when you start seeing humanity converging into an ancient time where things were very very different to what they are today and we may not have been divided into different religions but we were controlled by a much more powerful group of advanced beings with very serious tools and weapons of mass destruction with which they could smite and control the people so these Sumerian texts tell us that there was a time in human history and it’s very difficult to determine exactly when this time was that’s why when you read these and these Sumerian texts and when you try and interpret these Sumerian texts it’s very important to keep an open mind and realize that it’s virtually impossible to try and put timelines or put timelines to these because we’re probably way out of line we have no idea where many of these key time lines actually come into play but what they do tell us is that there was a time when Kingdom was lowered to earth from heaven and the first priest Kings were appointed by the gods and these priests Kings were put in certain parts of the world to rule over humanity and these are the first priests Kings had ruled for so many thousands of years by the way and and maybe this is where we have Genesis 6:14 telling us that the sons of the Gods came down and they saw the daughters of man and they had children with him and we start seeing that there was some other stuff going on that most people can’t even imagine so these priests Kings were appointed by the gods and they had incredible power that had weapons of mass destruction with which they could smite the people if the people wouldn’t listen and this is why the people listened to them and this is where we suddenly see the origins and a very beginning the genesis of the Royal bloodlines on earth and the reason the people obeyed these first Kings because they were fearful of them of course they were fearful of them these guys were like gods to them they weren’t quite the big gods but they were like demigods and mixture between the gods and humans that’s what it seems like from the Sumerian texts but these Kings were given fierce weapons with which to smite the people so of course they obeyed otherwise it is almost impossible to imagine how the Royal bloodlines and the first kingdoms would have come about it simply doesn’t make any sense at such an event or such a global social structure would have been put in place it just doesn’t make any sense community is looking after each other with consensus and for the greater benefit of everyone that is one of the areas that we find in ancient times how people lived how they cooperated collaborated for the benefit of the whole community this was that the the the social structure that lasted seemingly for thousands of years and then that got broken when these first priests Kings arrived on earth and suddenly these priests Kings owned all the land or the land belonged to them all the people had to work for the suddenly they’re servants and their subjects and their property keep in mind the people are actually the property of these first priest Kings and the Royal bloodlines these first priests Kings could do other people as they wanted and what they wanted and the people would just give in because they feared them and had reason to fear them because they saw how powerful they were and what they could do to annihilate and smite the people if they didn’t listen but the the other very important thing that happened here is two other things that happened these first Kings built their temples these huge very impressive and imposing and and scary places with big pillars and temple high walls it was impenetrable these temples that these first Priest Kings lived in were impenetrable to the ordinary people and from there they dispense their justice so they injustice from there they did everything they wanted to do and from there they also started to distribute and print the first forms of money that is spectacular this is the information we get in the Sumerian texts that the first priest Kings suddenly appeared on earth they built their temples they smited the people to control them all the lantern the people into their slaves and then from their temples they started to issue money in the forms of clay tablets little clay tablets like this there are some examples of it you’ll see it on the video and these clay tablets were basically promissory notes for people to bring in their gold bring in their silver bringing all that precious metals and everything they had there was precious that these kings wanted to collect and in return for your silver or your gold or anything else that was desirable by these priests Kings they would give you a piece of clay and that this clay tablet is actually proof that you handed in your gold you realize that something is dramatically wrong with a situation so it becomes very obvious from this that money was introduced to the human race as a finite complete and an evolved tool of enslavement money did not evolve over thousands and thousands of years of bartering and trading and people doing good things did not evolve out of that kind of situation that kind of historic event money was introduced as a complete and fully evolved a philosophy and an idea that was introduced into humanity has an absolute tool of enslavement it is not there to help us it is not there to allow us to achieve our dreams and our goals in fact it does exactly the opposite you should know by now that everything you try and do every time you have a dream or an idea or you want to do this will do that what gets in the way it’s always the money that gets in the way somehow bankers have become the guys that can tell us what we can and cannot do what dreams we canĂ¡– cannot follow because unfortunately in this world if you don’t have enough money to do something it most likely is not going to happen whether it’s education or something you want to build or achieve or construct doesn’t matter what it is so what are we going to do about this how do we get out of the system well this Korona endemic global attack on our liberties on all our rights and all our sovereignty has forced billions of people to contemplate their lives what is going on am I happy with what’s happening in my life or pushing people right to the brink of death I mean they’re people that are starving and dying just not having enough food so what this is doing in a weird way is like a cleansing of unconsciousness or cleansing of of media people are waking up and realizing that if we don’t do something we might just even die locked up in our in our own houses because many of our leaders outside of the United States who’s leading the way spearheading the resistance against the global banking Empire and the Rothschild Empire outside of the USA many of the smaller countries that are not that powerful are completely and utterly controlled and bullied by these global agencies so many people are realizing we’ve got to do something and this is where the one small-town philosophy comes in we can’t resist we cannot fight the system the system was created and designed to destroy anything or anyone who tries to oppose it so we have to do something that does not use any violence opposition or conflict or bloodshed or anything like that those are all old paradigm kind of ideas we have to step out of that we have to create a new system that makes the current system obsolete and this is where the one small town can change the world philosophy comes in it provides us with the absolutely beautiful and simple opportunity to get out of the system especially in countries where the males are elected by the people and the sheriff’s are representatives of the people and actually want good for the people if you live in a country where your mayor is elected by your community we can do this and you can do this very quickly and very easily if your mayor actually wants to do something that’s good for his or her community that is sick and tired of this abuse of our rights and our liberties you can do something about it very very quickly what we do in these situations we have all the technology all the investors all the funding is ready the technology in the form of alternative electricity so the town has its own supply of electricity and and pretty much becomes independent in all the decisions it makes this is a very important moment in all of human history I’d like to recommend that you go to one small town org read all the materials watch all the videos immerse yourself in this very simple and beautiful message of abundance and prosperity on every possible level for your community and every other community the moment we achieve this in one town somewhere in the world and preferably in one of the first world countries because I say that because they might not need it as much as the third world countries but it’s the first world countries that the effect will be far more severe and the effect will spread not just it won’t just create a linear think it’ll create a quantum domino effect where this will suddenly start happening in hundreds and thousands of towns in that particular country it’ll spread across borders and then obviously right across the world as people realize that we can take control back in the small towns not at the government level not by opposing governments not by violence opposition conflict very simply taking the tools of enslavement and turning them into tools of liberation all the stuff that is thrown at us to control us to suppress us which includes money itself and as we take all the stuff that’s thrown at us we turn our communities into cooperative collaborative places of of people working together cooperating collaborating creating turning our towns into these incredible places of abundance and prosperity this in itself this platform that I’ve just mentioned to you becomes a very very attractive opportunity and a very attractive call for conscious millionaires and conscious billionaires and conscious investors who know how treacherous the investment markets are and how volatile they are and how you can lose everything in a day suddenly the one small town wherever the people create a very strong platform of cooperation and collaboration become the most attractive and lucrative investment opportunities so not only are we using the tools of enslavement on every level we’re using the attraction of the one small town to bring in the investors please go and lie online to one small town dog really familiarize yourself with us because this is such a simple step in a direction that every single human being wants to go now we are sick and tired of the exploitation the slavery the abuse on every level whether it’s from government whether it’s a legal system whether it’s the financial system everywhere we turn we are getting nailed and hammered and just beaten into a pup that very few people see a way out of this well there is a very bright light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel that we find ourselves in all of humanity is in the same dark and gloomy tunnel right now and if we don’t do something about it now we may never come out of this dark and gloomy tunnel so if you live in a small town where your mayor is elected anywhere in the world and you can take this decision please watch the one small town videos read all about it and then take the necessary steps that are there on the website as the guidelines one small town org we can turn our towns and our world into a place of prosperity and abundance beyond our wildest imagination until later thank you for watching this is Michael Challenger you