Trudeau’s Tyranny

A friend posts a meme “It wasn’t the virus that destroyed the economy. It was YOU complying with the tyranny.”

I respond to this comment:
“Have you looked up the meaning of tyranny… cruel and oppressive government or rule. This is certainly the US, However not even close in Canada. be careful. what you ask for. Tranny is a shitty way of life. Kamile you are a powerful women please don’t manifest something far worse than it is. just for some attention and maybe headlines…… love to you D”

Trudeau eliminates due process in the Parliament:

Trudeau uses Order to Council to bypass any democratic process in gun ban:

Trudeau’s financial policies result in Canada having zero gold reserves:

Trudeau opens doors for Chinese to buy Canadian gold fields:

Trudeau says “this is the new normal” until a vaccine is developed.

June 9, 2020: Trudeau emptying out the Canadian coffers and wracking up unimaginable debt. Conservative shadow Minister of Finance MP Pierre Poilievre speaks out for Liberal financial accountability:

What?! Did this already start in 2019? Trudeau was planning this long ago.

Big Brother spying and media censorship using Canadian citizens via the Digital Citizen Contribution Program:

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