Trudeau favors China over Canadians

The post started with a view on Trump:

Joe: Has anybody thought that, if you add Trump to the end of MAGA, you end up with MAGAT? Sure, it’s not quite the correct spelling of maggot, but neither is his strategy quite right.

Jane: Sick and tired of Canadians who don’t have a clue. Meanwhile we have a communist dictator running our show who follows the globalist agenda. Would take a Trump in a second. At least he has the balls to fight them. Can’t wait for to Trump win in a huge landslide.

Kirk @Jane: Communist dictator? Where do you live?

OP: I unfriended her.

Leo @OP: why….. that was good comedy. You could have milked that for at least a couple of days…..

OP: Dang! Wish I had of thought of that.

me: I agree with Jane. Trudeau is a puppet dictator following his CCP masters orders.

He sold off all of Canada’s gold reserves, is allowing a Chinese company to buy a Canadian gold mine up north, bought shares into the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, etc.

Trudeau definitely doesn’t have the Canadian peoples’ interests in mind.

Mike @me: Trudeau is a puppet dictator following his CCP masters orders. -Where do you come up with this crap?

me @Mike: By a few actions Trudeau has taken in favor of China rather than Canadians. For example:

100,000 Jobs LOST TO CHINA As Justin Trudeau Cancels Steel Tariffs

me @Mike:

me: May 28, 2018 Trudeau buys Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline for $4.5 billion Canadian taxpayers money to ship more oil to Asia/China

Dec 28, 2019: Trudeau gives green light to Chinese oil company CNOOC to explore east of Newfoundland and Labrador:

me @Mike: May 15, 2019: Trudeau joins other world leaders to promote Internet censorship (in the guise of eliminating terrorism):

me @Mike: Here Trudeau is following in China’s footsteps for Internet censorship:

me @Mike: May 12, 2020 Trudeau works with China for covid vaccine

me @Mike: As early as 2019, Trudeau follows in China’s footstep to get local snitches of “misinformation” = censorship through the Digital Citizen Contribution Program

me @Mike: May 1, 2020 Trudeau bypasses parliamentary process and utilizes Order in Council to de-arm Canadians with ban on 1500 guns

OP: That’s pretty awesome, H. I love how posts start off as one thing and become something completely different. I guess it’s the same as conversations do, really.

That’s a lot of links. I’ve never been a deeply politically engaged person, or even that much up on super dynamic cultural courses, so I’m going to remain neutral. This doesn’t look very good, though. Do you have any links to the rebuttals? I’d have to have a lot deeper and broader understanding before I comment more than about a funny hat. I’m not that up on the secret handshakes. I like to speak more philosophically about it than getting too into the weeds.

me @OP: M was questioning how I could correlate Trudeau to a dictator puppet to his Chinese masters, so I was providing some links that might back up that statement.

I’m not sure about links to rebuttals. The above Nunatsiaq article has a bunch of comments from Canadians about how crazy the sale is.

Yes, when one does more research, then one gets a bigger picture of what is happening in the world.

I’m not sure what kind of philosophical discussion might be appropriate here: “Do you think it is in man’s nature to conquer as much dominion, and have as much power and control as possible? Or is this a learned habit?”

me @Mike: Trudeau not try to fight the grossly unjust skewed on China’s side, Harper-brokered Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (Fipa), which was done in secrecy and without a Parliamentary vote.
Trudeau continued to establish trade agreements with China.

Nick: Probably this World Economic Form Website article written in 2018 Harald Strasser. Sadly most Canadians have no idea Trudeau is a complete sellout.…/five-facts-you-need-to…/

Oscar @me: and you think Trump has the people’s interests 🤣🤣🤣

OP: I think much of it is our nature. We are the result of our evolution, and much of our behaviour is guided by what kept us alive and procreating. It’s not a pretty past. Basically, we killed off all the competition. Now Homosapien is conquering the rest of the environment in a seemingly very reckless fashion.

I guess where the question comes in is that, now that we have evolved enough to have a greater understanding of our effect on the environment (for example), will we do what is best for more than ourselves and our tribe?

We also have to find a way to agree on a lot more things. Even people with similar beliefs can so easily be set at odds with each other. Will we ever ALL be able to get along?

“This is a job for… HERCULES!!” Do-da-da-doo-da-doooo!!!

Oscar @OP: seems H hijacked her thread, since you unfriended her she’ll miss all these links lol

me @Oscar: In my mind, the most prominent issue today is freedom. There seems to be many forces that are constantly pushing for mandated vaccinations, health record tracking, restrictions to travel and activities if one does not have the vaccination.

Yes, I feel that Trump is fighting for the peoples’ interest to maintain freedom of choice, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness without harming others.

What issues are important to you, that you feel Trump is not meeting up to your standards?

me @OP: I hear you saying that it is within our nature to conquer, to control, to have power. And that it’s resulted in an ugly past.

You say evolved. I wonder if we have evolved, looking at what’s happening in the riots.

So many of us are traumatized and have deep recesses of incredible pain and anger. Perhaps those old wounds drive us to seek power and control and the need to be right, rather than connection, harmony, and love?

me @Mike @Oscar: Here’s a good example of what Trump is doing to protecting the American people while Trudeau sells out the Canadian people.

Rather than put money into solving Canadian’s many problems, Trudeau pledges $850 million to the World Health Organization. Trump withdraws American funding.

Yeah, that and a million other reasons. Same as it ever was. From what I gather, we are in most ways, doing better now than at any point in the past ten thousand years.

Have we evolved? I think parts of our brain has, maybe. We are prone to momentary devolution, though. I think it’s called ‘mob mentality’.

me @OP: Agreed about the mob mentality. Some in brain science might say that is our amygdala, our fight/flight / freeze alarm system.

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