To Mask or Not To Mask?

Responding to a friend’s post:

Healthy people forced to wear a mask, in order to be able to work are being conditioned to accept a vaccine without a question!

me: What! Where is this?
them: here is USA. Some jobs force you to wear a mask

me: I work in the hospital here in Vancouver, Canada (non covid front line). We are asked to wear masks. I don’t like it but I am fine with ensuring the best client care as possible. If I have any symptoms, luckily I can take advantage of sick time and stay home with no financial penalty.

Mandatory wearing of masks outside a healthcare situation is a mystery to me. 

What would be the arguments to force mask wearing given that S-C-2 is not passed by asymptomatic carriers, folks who have some symptoms could stay home or wear a mask themselves, folks who are immune compromised could wear masks if they’re out in the public, …?
them: I have no idea. I go to the gym. The only mask wearers are the poor employees there. Same in restaurants here

Awful! I think that wearing a mask is detriment to one’s health if one doesn’t have a compromised immune system. I hope there will be studies to back that up, although anecdotally, there are some articles:

Man, 26, suffers collapsed lung after jogging 2.5 miles while wearing face mask

There’s a couple tragic deaths while wearing masks and running:

Student deaths stir controversy over face mask rule in PE classes

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