KM: California Governor Covid Recession

June 12, 2020
KM: “Gavin Newsom’s ongoing response to the COVID crisis has plunged California into a recession—a deep recession brought on by government. It is estimated that over 30 percent of California restaurants will not reopen. The hotel industry still has occupancy rates below 25 percent, while landlords deal with empty storefronts and a lack of cash flow.’ And then he threatens to lay off first responders unless the federal government bails him out. Class act.

Commenter 2: K really sometimes I wish you would just shit the fuck up for a minute.

@Commenter 2: I hear that you’re sometimes fed up and angry with K continually expressing his views.

Commenter 2: K really sometimes I wish you would just shit the fuck up for a minute.

Commenter 3: Agreed. He’s part of the problem.
And this is coming from a former Democrat, who voted green party for the last two elections and will probably do it again this round.

Commenter 2 @Commenter 3: Disagree. I think the opposite. I think you have become part of the problem.

I think Gavin is doing an amazing job under impossible circumstances while you keep working to pull the rug out from under him. I think you wouldn’t last a second in his situation. You keep doing you’re armchair quarterbacking, criticizing the person who’s doing the actual impossible work. You sound like spoiled teenagers,

Why not be part of the solution instead, why not stop floating stupid (us vs them) conspiracies and look for ways to move us ALL forward. Why not let go of your privileged demands long enough to notice that a lot of people dont have it as well as you.

Put your energy into help rather than criticizing. Its a luxury to own a home. Its a luxury to be healthy. Its a luxury to not be on the street. Consider gratitude. Now work from there, Help other people get strong rather than whining because you are being asked to wear a fucking mask.

We all hate wearing the mask but we’re not all complaining nonstop about it. And PLEASE stop long enough to consider that maybe you are being played, spreading the nice, neat little “studies” and memes packaged to create discontent and mistrust in democratic voters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commenter 4 @Commenter 2: yea great governor who collapses under pressure. He doesn’t even look like the same guy from when he started – he’s the typical wants-to-do-whats-right to get elected and has gotten skewed and bought by the big political system and big Pharma game that he just seems like another robot.

Commenter 2 @Commenter 3: Bullshit. So easy to say from you’re nice comfortable armchair!!!!

@Commenter 2: I hear that you’re wanting people to see that Governor Newsom is doing a great job under the impossible circumstances and would appreciate that people stop dissing him.

You’re wanting folks to do something positive and proactive to help out rather than criticizing from the cozy home and bleachers.

OP @Commenter2: A real leader would be promoting everyone’s health — especially vulnerable people. Health results from nutritious food, exercise, fresh air and emotional well being. And for a tiny fraction of what this fiasco will end up costing we could substantially boost the immunity of all vulnerable people with supplements like vitamin D, vitamin C, multi-mineral and others I have posted about. Plus we could effectively treat the sickest with intravenous vitamin C or ozone (to name two effective treatments). Masks and lockdowns achieve the opposite of health in many ways.

Though I fully support anyone who wants to voluntarily wear a mask or stay home, lockdowns have been a failed experiment that have had and will continue to have severe negative consequences. Of course the strategies I suggest wouldn’t result in zero morality — we all die.

And, I will never stop calling out the ridiculously (criminally)-misguided strategies represented by lockdowns and “vaccines”. Regardless, the mortality rate from corona is about 0.1-0.2% (even using official, elevated CDC figures it is only 0.26%) so we must live our lives and stop this insane myopia.

Commenter 2 : I fear that this is how you are being used. This is what you are propagating with your endless mask complaint.…/a-revolt-against-wearing…

Commenter 2 : Go ahead and spread your opinions about “supplements like vitamin D, vitamin C, multi-mineral etc” but please stop attacking and complaining

And please back all your ideas with VERY SOLID DATA.

And Please stop posting bullshit conspiracies and hate pieces. When you do that then everything positive you say becomes shit and only pleases your conspiracy groupies.

OP @Commenter2: This is more corporate media fear porn. Health is from nutritious food, exercise and emotional well being. Supplements can also help.

Masks, lockdowns or vaccines are antithetical to health (though I fully support anyone who voluntarily chooses any or all of those). Healthy people do not need to worry about every little germ that comes along.

The whole approach is a misguided big Pharma/government sham.

What feels better health and love or being afraid of every germ, of other people, hiding at home and wearing a mask and being afraid of dying? That is not normal — or healthy. And, of course our human bodies will all die eventually. Until then, let’s live.

OP @Commenter2: It almost seems like some people are hell bent on there being some pandemic despite evidence to the contrary. Please choose love, not fear.

Commenter 2 : Too easy every time you get challenged to call it “corporate media fear porn”. Thats childish. Will your next argument be “fake news” or “lock her up”?

Please respond with your intellect and your heart.

And Please actually read the article. I didn’t share it with you just for what is said in the headline. I want you to read about the stress that people who are fighting for us are under because people like you keep posting hate pieces aimed at them

@Commenter 2: Yes, I read that then-county health officer Dr. Nichole Quick was fearing for her life and resigned in order to not constantly live under a death threat.

The article says: “Her replacement on Thursday rescinded the rules amid intense pressure from the Board of Supervisors.” and now instead of mandatory, they are strongly recommending the wearing of a mask.

One of the interpretations I make of the article is that Americans have a will of their own, especially when it comes to their liberty and their ability to make their own decisions.

Commenter 2 @me : Sort of like having a will of our own over which side of the street we drive on?

@Commenter 2: Yeah, getting consensus among a bunch of people is not easy! Usually there has to be some threat over our heads to do something.

Commenter 2 @me : sort of like in the blitzkrieg, the people of England were ordered to cover their windows. No one complained about their rights being infringed upon. We are in a similar situation.

Its not as much in your face as bombs dropping, requires a little more foresight and empathy to wrap our heads around, but just as important.

And Its temporary, for the well being of our brothers and sisters. If this were a permanent order I would be yelling louder than most. But its not, it’s temporary. So the endless harping sounds like white privilege crybaby tantrums to me.

@Commenter 2: Thanks for sharing your view that what’s necessary needs to be done, with no complaining about rights being violated.

You have a good point that it does take a little more foresight and empathy to see the whole picture which includes not only ourselves, but the wellbeing of others.

You’re saying that a temporary thing is much more palatable for you. It’s not presented a permanent one, so what’s the big deal?

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