KK: Trump accolades, critics fire back

KK OP June 25, 2020: If you haven’t taken the time to listen to a full speech by Trump, I recommend trying it. The first 15 minutes of this speaks to a lot of the stuff I’ve been sharing. It’s good to hear him say he will forever be a stand for the freedom of Americans. I wish Trudeau would say the same to us.

Carrie: I have listened to his speeches. I have listened to his fan base chant ‘lock her up’, ‘send her back.’

I have watched him say there are ‘good people on both sides,’ when referencing white supremacists. And, I don’t think anyone should be ‘grabbed by the p@ssy.’

As a non-white person, I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of his rallies for fear of assault. If Trudeau was anything at all like Trump, I would fear for the safety of North America.

If you still believe corona virus is a lie to cover up 5g, and if you truly believe Trump cares about people more than money, nothing will change your mind.

Must say, I find it shocking you would throw support behind this racist sexual predator. He is more than likely suffering dementia, he is using con artist techniques to ‘run’ a country – do you honestly believe ‘Jared Kushner can solve all the problems in the Middle East’? Because Trump said that, too! Do you believe Ivanka is empowering to women, in particular those women working in her overseas sweat-shops?? This is a family of grifters and liars!

There isn’t a conspiracy here – he isn’t misunderstood and he is a sociopath who tried cozying up to dictators to try and undermine the election process. At the very least, he is guilty of treason.

OP @Carrie: ok! Any thoughts on Biden’s pedophilia or Hillary’s adrenochrome habit?

Carrie @OP: Do you honestly believe they are drinking the blood of children? Reallllly???? Pizzagate was largely recognized as bullsh@t, and a gunman showed up! These lies are dangerous! Where is the evidence that Hilary is involved with torturing children and draining their pituitary glands so she can drink it?? Do your sources say she tortures them herself, or how does that work? Biden the pedophile does the abusing and then Hilary calls Skip The Dishes (wink wink) for her blood fix?? Ridiculous! Those conspiracies are right up there with the Queen turning in to a lizard because David Icke said so.

OP @Carrie:  I know it sounds crazy. I resisted looking into this for a long time. But I’ve seen a bunch of stuff which seem to indicate that Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island wasn’t just for him. Prominent politicians and movie stars are in the flight logs for the Lolita express – Epstein’s private plane. They just released a documentary about that on Netflix.

Sex trafficking and adrenochrome are big business and the latter offers offer a super high with anti-aging properties. I’ll tag you in some links I have in another post. Or scroll down to hear Ricky Gervais joke about pedophila at the golden globes.n’s pedophilia or Hillary’s adrenochrome habit?

Carrie @OP: I will look in to more information about adrenochrome. Yes, Epstein’s pedo Island was very real, as was his plane, dubbed the Lolita Express! The documentary was very interesting!!conspiracies are right up there with the Queen turning in to a lizard because David Icke said so.

OP @Carrie:  cool. Since you’re interested, I’ll tag you in the other stuff now.

me @Carrie: I think you’re saying that Trudeau is doing less harm than Trump.

Unfortunately, I think Trudeau has totally sold out the Canadian people to CCP China and is doing what he can to allow China to buy up Canadian companies and to win contracts that might otherwise have gone to Canadian companies.

Here’s one example of a long list of examples on how Trudeau is choosing China over Canadians:


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