KK: Shares Dr Cardillo clinical success

Hopefully, this will put some of you who are worried about covid at ease. There is an easy, available cure.

OP didn’t share what I wrote on my post:

Dr Cardillo says you must use zinc with hydroxychloroquine, or else by itself, hydroxychloroquine is not very effective. Here’s a transcription of his interview.

“What we’re finding clinically with our patients, is that it really only works in conjunction with zinc.
So the hydroxychloroquine opens the zinc channel. Zinc goes into the cell. It then blocks replication of the cellular machinery.
So it has to be used in conjunction with zinc.
We are seeing some clinical responses in that regard.
There are people that take it regularly for other disease processes. We have to be cautious and mindful that we don’t prescribe it for patients who are well. It really should be reserved for people who are really sick, in the hospital, or at home very sick, that need that medication.
Otherwise we are going to blow through our supply for the patient who takes it regularly for other disease processes.

Every patient I have prescribed it to, has been very very ill. And within 8-12 hours, they were basically symptom free. So, clinically I am seeing a resolution that mirrors what we saw in the French study and some of the other studies worldwide.
But what I am seeing is that people are taking it alone by itself. It’s not having efficacy.”