CC: Pre-filled Covid Syringes to Have RFID Chip

CC: Posted YouTube video about pre-filled Covid syringes will have RFID chip. Various comments and I decided to respond to one

Commenter 6: I love how so many people are worried about this RFID nonsense, yet they all carry smartphones that are absolutely capable of being used for tracking. If you’re so worried about the government “watching you” maybe start with the obvious sources.

me @Commenter6: Good point. As you say, we can utilize the phone to minimize tracking. That is within our control. With these vaccines trackers, I can see some differences:

1. We have the ability to choose what kind of phone we want to carry with us, if any. Vaccines seem to be forced upon us, if we don’t do anything about the mandatory vaccination agenda.

2. We have do ability to choose to turn off the phone whenever we want to. Vaccine tracking will be beyond our control to turn off and on.

3. A phone is separate from our body, not a substance that is injected into us. Vaccines become part of us and for some of us, cause quite detrimental effects.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

@Commenter 6: Whoops! The RFID chip is not to be injected into one’s body. It seems like it is to keep track of the vaccination delivery. I was thinking about the quantum dot dye tracking that can be included in with the vaccine.