JID: ICC Denounces US Sanctions on War Crime Investigators

JID posts RT article


From this critique of the ICC:
“If there was a prize for the world’s most ineffective institution, the International Criminal Court would win hands down.

Consider this: The court has been in operation for fifteen years, has spent over a billion Euros, and has convicted just four war criminals. Yes, that’s correct. In a decade and a half, an institution proclaiming itself the world’s first permanent war crimes court has jailed just four war criminals.”

“Other court systems in other parts of the world are controlled by governments. The ICC is controlled by majority votes among its member states, but those states have no power over legal decisions themselves. In effect, the ICC runs itself.

Nor does the ICC have juries. In the Hague, the judges are the jury also.

Most seriously, the ICC has no legal oversight body to keep it honest.

Most states around the world have fully independent appeals processes, like the US Supreme Court, which is separated from the courts it keeps in line.

Not the ICC. It does have an appeals court, but its appeal judges are part of the ICC. They socialise, inevitably, with the rest of the ICC in the Hague.”