Mothers Against School Entry Immunization

June 7, 2020 morning:
Here’s an inspiring speech by American investigative journalist and mother, Michelle Malkin on the steps of Colorado’s legislative building.

Colorado state bill SB 20-163 regarding school entry immunization is up for voting. She’s addressing the crowd for the result is known. She also testified at SB20-163 hearing in Denver, Colorado inside for the House Health & Insurance Committee

Who calls the shots? We call the shots. Mamas call the shots, not the states, not Bill Gates, not Big Pharma. And we’re here to remind our public servants that we call the shots, not them.

It is an absolute disgrace that the people who serve us scheduled this hearing at a time when they deliberated tried to suppress our voices.

America is a land of freedom, not of a land of fear. Isiah 41 tells us “Be not afraid.” Are you afraid? No!!! No fear. No bullying, no submission. To these forces who are trying to subvert a sacred constitutional right for the religious and personal beliefs exemption. To resist the industrial health complex: no!!

I’m not one to engage in profanities, but I agree with this sign over here “F Bill Gates.” And I know that the Lord will forgive me for harsh words.

We cannot sit by, we cannot kneel silently while our children are being endangered. As a responsible, informed parent, each and every one of us standing here have to do everything in our power to stop 163. Make sure they can hear your voices “No on 163! No on 163!

They tell us that they’re acting in our public interest. They tell us that they’re acting on behalf of our children. I have dominion and sovereignty over my children. And you do too.

And if we don’t exercise our muscles of civil and political engagement, they will hijack our children. They’re exploiting a crisis, and they’re very very good at it. But if we don’t draw the line here in Colorado, they will do the same in the rest of the country. We are a bulwark for? our freedom, not just for our children, but for America’s children.

They call us all sorts of names. Look at me, I’m a little brown woman with a big mouth. Hey? They’ve called me a racist, believe it not, this morning, a white Supremicist. Okay? They do. They call us conspiracy theorists, but guess what? Sometimes conspiracies are true. The conspiracy now consists of the public health industrial complex, elite, Silicon Valley, Pharmaceutical companies, educational tech tyrants.

They’re trying to silence us on every major platform. But they will hear us! Raise your voices! Stand tall Colorado.

This is about choice! This is not about black and white. Look at this crowd. There are people of all races, all backgrounds, all socioeconomic status. We have an alliance that is very unique. And that is why the forces of evil and the forces of control are so scared. We have Democrats, Independents, Republicans, limited government Conservatives, people who are concerned about privacy rights, data mining, and the corruption of science and public health in America.

They may have billions of dollars, but we are on the side of truth and light. Truth will always prevail. You can try to force us to wear masks, you can try to force us to hide in our homes, but we are on the side of right, and we are on the side of God. God is watching over us.

Be not afraid. And make sure you use this moment as leverage. Right? We have to take this opportunity to educate. Educate these public servants who have no idea, who have no idea of who they are serving. They are in so much financial conflict of interest involved in this room. I drove up with my husband today, I’m doing on behalf of my family, families across America to raise our voices. And to make sure there is transparency and sunlight inside this building which we own.

There is strength in numbers. Each and every one of you have stood up here against a tyranny, against fear. We are Spartacus. Right? We are the Spartacuses. And make sure that you take this power, that you take this day and leverage it on behalf of our children and freedom against medical tyranny in Colorado.

Thank you for coming!

June 7, 2020 Investigative journalist and mother Michelle Malkin speaks
out against Colorado state bill SB 20-163 which calls for school entry immunization