AHT: NN Is DJT part of the Illuminati Elite?

June 10, 2020 1:45pm: So is Donald Trump a member of the Illuminati elite in the eyes of conspiracy theorists?

The Illuminati conspiracy theory claims it is a secret society that actually runs all global governments from behind the scenes and is slowly implementing a so-called New World order (NWO), that will culminate in a global leadership.

The theory varies in extremities from the above at the least, to the Illuminati being a highly Satanic cult that intends returning the devil to earth.

Before the Presidency
Donald Trump was always basking in the glory of any kind of fame he could come across. Despite having a pretty substantial starting fund from his father, Donald has done a pretty good job of fooling the public into thinking he built his fortune for himself. A shocking number of people have no idea that the Donald actually started his lucrative career with almost a half a billion dollars. As anyone in the biz knows, it takes money to make money, and it’s really hard to make a fortune like Donald has without a pretty good amount to start on. Donald had the money to take some risks and weather them. Most folks starting out don’t have such luxuries.

Before Donald Trump’s extremely improbably presidential bid, he was a reality television star. The Apprentice worked, however, on his reputation. The idea was that he was to The Apprentice what someone like Keith Urban should be to American Idol. He was an authority on business, and that made his show successful. It took a mogul to make that model work, and Trump did. He is still riding that success today.

So, on our Illuminati checklist, let’s ask ourselves the magic question. Did Donald Trump have the kind of reach in the world to entertain an Illuminati invitation? Well, the answer to this one is 100% yes.

The Message
Why would the Illuminati be interested in Donald Trump? First of all, money. The Illuminati likes money and likes the power that it brings. Trump would not be the first time that the Illuminati backed someone just because of financial resources. Secondly, Trump has reached a lot of people, and never more than what he has done after his triumphant presidential win over Hillary Clinton. Trump’s Twitter account is legendary, even if the company Twitter rues the day it let him have one. He has huge influence and huge outreach. However, the Illuminati is more of a stickler for getting people before they accomplish such things. Donald Trump is very, very attractive to the Illuminati in his current position, but did he really strike them as having that kind of influence before?


Commenter 2: No he is not part of the illuminati. More Fake news and lies from the left. The liberals will do and say anything to turn people away from Trump. Just open your eyes to all they have done to him and others around him. Russia, Impeachment, Flynn, Covid19 dont think it was random either and who knows what else they have planned. If you cant see through the smoke screen yet then I feel sorry for you.

Commenter 3 @Commenter2: Q and the media have brainwashed people to believe in this duality. They are on the same page. It’s all a big show.

Commenter 2 @Commenter3: you’re wrong but I’m not going to argue with you.

Commenter 4: I’ve followed Q since the beginning. And although I’m hopeful, I trust no one 100%. There is that tiny niggling at the back of my mind that what you say might be true.
I however mostly believe that we’ve been given an opportunity…a small window if you will, before we will be given over to the NWO/Illuminati Globalists, because we didn’t care to resist them. Then we’ll deserve everything coming our way.

Commenter 3 @Commenter4: oh boy. I know how you you feel. All I know is that it really is us against the 1%. I’m not exactly sure what to do. But believing in false hopes is not any better. We have to unite. Sigh

me @Commenter4: I know of one person who is actively resisting and fighting against them. They are trying to discredit, ridicule, and shame him in any way possible.

Was Obama or Clinton ever treated this way? Nope!

His initials are DJT.

Trump 2020!

Commenter 4: You are right, and for the most part I do believe he is fighting the good fight. There are things I don’t understand because I know I don’t have all the information and it’s because of that I can’t trust 100%. But it’s a tiny % of “don’t know”.
I pray for President Trump daily and it’s true, no one has ever been treated this way and it’s got to say something! It’s quite appalling what Dems & media are doing.

Commenter 5: Trump is in the club just as much as the rest are ….they didn’t make to where they are …they were chosen
Trump is the lesser of the evil but I’m sure hes a deceiver..his time will come … all smoke in mirrors for the NWO roll oot

Commenter 6: Trump isn’t in with the elite and illuminati.

me @Commenter6: I agree with you. Trump certainly isn’t in the elite that wants mandated vaccinations, health record tracking implants, restrictions to travel/event without proven vaccination, a cashless society, reduced population, using kids for rape, torture and food, contact tracing, etc.

Trump is in an elite class: disciplined, successful, hardworking, an author, tv show attraction, a fighter. I could say more but then that would just result in people arguing with me.

If more people saw his good qualities for what they are, then they may even inspire to more like him.

Commenter 7: If he were part of it, they wouldn’t have tried to kill him 6 times already. They wouldn’t hate him, they would just normal level oppose him like they’ve done with every past Republican president. The Bush’s are free masons, I’m not sure about Reagan, but I don’t think so, but Carter, Clintons, and Oblather definitely were.

Commenter 8 @Commenter7: and another reason they hate him is that he knows how they operate which make them even more scared. God is in control🙏🏻.

Commenter 9:
– Trump admitting sexual assault.
– Trump charity fraud.
– Trump calls for nuclear proliferation.
– Trump calls for national stop and frisk.
– Trump violates trade embargo with Cuba.
– Trump sued over Trump U fraud..
– Trump bribes DA..
– Trump doesnt pay taxes for 20 years.
– Trump employs campaign manager involved in illegal corruption with Russia.
– Trump calls for ban of an entire religion from entering US.
– Trump lied about support for Iraq War over and over in debate.
– Trump in court for rape of a minor..
– Trump unaware of Russia’s Crimea occupation..
– Trump unaware of situation in Syria.
– Trump penalized for racist housing discrimination.
– Trump files for bankrupcy 6 times.
– Trump goes 0-3 in debates by showing scant knowledge of world politics.
– Trump slams people for being POWs..
– Trump calls Mexicans rapists..
– Trump questions judge’s integrity because of parent’s heritage.
– Trump deletes emails involved in casino scandal.
– Trump commits insurance fraud after florida hurricane.
– Trump has dozens of assault victims and witnesses come forward with allegations of abuse.
– Trump attacks former Ms America for being overweight.
– Trump tweets about sex tapes at 3am.
– Trump calls for US citizens to be sent to Gitmo.
– Trump calls for more extreme forms of torture to be used.
– Trump asks why cant we use our nukes if we have them.
– Trump calls for offensive bombing attack on sovereign nations because someone gave the middle finger.
– Trump calls to kill women and children of suspected terrorists.
– Trump says women should be punished for having abortions.
– Trump makes fun of disabled people.
– Trump calls for end of freedom of the press.
– Trump calls global warming a chinese hoax.
– Trump praises Putin and Kim Jong Un’s strong leadership.
– Trump openly admits to not paying his employees during debate.
– Trump calls Obama an illegitimate noncitizen hundreds of times over 7 years.
– Trump uses campaign donations to enrich his own businesses..
– Trump says Ted Cruz’s father involved in JFK assassination unironically citing National Enquirer.
– Trump says laziness is an inherent trait in black people.

I don’t get trump supporters

Commenter 10 @Commenter9: I used to think so 3 months ago as well but Covid nonsense pushed me down the rabbit hole. I hated him. Disgusted by him in every way. But I started to question the media. They flat out lied about everything Covid. I started to wonder. If they lied so much and so against whatever he did or said, something is worth investigation.

He was called a Xenophobic when he banned all the flights from and to China at the end of January, only allowing US residents back in.

I agreed with him on letting the states decide what’s best for their states on dealing with Covid. He also got more than enough ventilators for NY where the governor was asking for ridiculous numbers of them which later found, we didn’t need. He got the make-shift hospital beds arranged in a very short time and sent in the Navy Comfort Ship to NYC right away.

I admired his boldness about the HCQ as I was also listening to many doctors coming out to say they had high success rate with their patients and when the media tried to say the 70+ years old drug was dangerous, he came out saying that he had been taking it! So bold!!

I also liked that he was looking at other alternative treatments and not just parroting “Vaccines!! Vaccines!!” like others.

I totally agreed with him with defunding the corrupted WHO. I started to agree with him about China and bringing manufacturers back to the US.

I started to see why we needed the Walls when I watched an interview with the Operation Underground Railroad who has been rescuing children from child sex trafficking.

I have just finish the documentary “America : Freedom to Fascism” and it just got to me what MAGA means! He was talking about demolishing Federal Reserves and Federal Income Tax and that’s what it is! MAGA! Make America Great Again like how we were before the Feds and Income Tax that were established illegally in 1913.

Also, 3 big name/high profile sexual predators were arrested during his watch! Epstein, Weiner, and Weinstein!

I’m still going down the rabbit hole but from hating him 3 months ago, I kind of like the guy now.

Commenter 101: Also he is a rapist and pedo, this is only one of his ongoing trials:


Commenter 102 @Commenter 101: Look closer. The charges against Trump were filed in CA, then dropped and then NY and dropped before he ever had a day in court to address the charges. All smoke and mirrors.

Commenter 101: look a the time frame mate

Commenter 102 @Commenter 101: I did, It does not change the fact they were charged and dismissed within a few months. They wanted to link him to Epstein.

Commenter 103 @Commenter102: The Trolls are not even American and they are bashing us for being truthful and honest so an arguments with low frequency emotional people is really empowering them.

Americans who are awake know what is going on here and they are getting the information based on the experience of living here but others are getting Fake news. News that incites fear and violence is fake. News that offers good solutions to problems is real.

The mainstream media uses hypnosis in the background and some people are immune to the manipulation and control but others are susceptible to it. My sister is easily hypnotized called the somnambulistic state. I am in a higher frequency that is unconditional love as an emotion and I am immune to this hypnosis. The ones who are being mind controlled are very paranoid and attack those who are awake.

The truth is coming out and we see the karma in action unfolding. What goes around comes around and the justice from the universe is swift this year. I keep telling people to stop the attacks because the karma is coming. Ouch if we don’t love humanity.

Commenter 101 @Commenter103:  im addicted to reading all my life, I really appreciate not only gaining a knowledge but also learning process, merging with it is ultimate goal, im humbly saying i can sense it, but cannot penetrate it.. not as close to understanding it as the author of this words tho..

Commenter 103 @Commenter101: Reading is really a wonderful thing. I have been able to read more during this pandemic if there can be positives that we can learn from these times. I like science fiction. Like Lord Valentine’s Castle Trilogy. I have not read as much as I would have liked but I hope to write a science fiction book one day based on truth. Like The Wizard of Oz books.

I like Oracle cards and I talk to the person first and then I give them the cards to pick for themselves. Then the things that I told them show up in the cards they chose. It reinforces to them what I said.

I think it happens because in the 4th dimension of that physical state of vibration then we can sense or know the future. The dimensions are not places like destinations but more like matching up in frequency. I am not sure if I go slightly into the future of awareness like deja vu but that is why life can be magical in a good way.

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